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9 April
New Journal
So I'm migrating over to blogger. It isn't a 100% replacement for LJ, but it works better for me since most of my friends and commentators have drifted away from livejournal. The installed user base was the main thing keeping me here and now that it is gone I'm only using this account to read a few journals here. Check out Mishalak on blogspot if you want to see my ongoing writing.

Let me be honest from the beginning. You won't like me. The crazy and depressive will see too much of themselves to be comfortable and the well adjusted will soon be sick of my self-indulgent antics. You won't like me to start with, and as things progress you will probably like me less. My sins are multitudinous, though unspectacular, the little venal things of a small soul. My ambition... limited. But I will say that I have a spectacular sense of drama and I put it to good use every minute, even when I'm not writing. I will be writing about you. Even if you don't see it, expect it. I am writing, judging, changing the names to keep from being sued, and twisting for the sake of a good story. And if this upsets you, you would be better off watching from a distance. That is it. That is my prologue.

On Livejournal
I no longer maintain any of the journals or communities that I started on livejournal. If you're interested in them let me know.

1978-1991 Formative years in Elizabeth Colorado
Aug 1991-May 1995 Regis Jesuit High School in Saudi-Auroraia, still living in Elizabeth
Aug 1995-Mar 1997 College in Boulder Colorado returning to Elizabeth for summers.
Jun 1997-Jul 1997 Returned home after quiting college, got a job moved to Littleton, Colorado.
Mar 1999-Mar 2004 Deeply involved in fandom in various ways.
Dec 2004-Dec 2004 Laid off at end of year.
Aug 2005-Feb 2006 Lived in San Francisco.
Feb 2006- As usual I cannot imagine my own future and when it happens it seems so obvious.

If you want to send me something or visit ask me and I'll send you my address. Or for instant gratification check out the day I posted my contact information and call/IM me now, my phone and computer stuff is still good. And I also have an updated gift list if for some reason you are looking for that.

My Nine Main Obsessions:
Books, Bees, Eastern Europe, Fantasy, the Surreal, Clothes, Colorado, Vampires, and Food.