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April 18th, 2014

01:28 pm - The Mote in God's Eye
<rant>This was written in the 1970s??? God god. It feel like reading a 1950s B sci-fi movie about Horatio Hornblower in SPACE!</rant> I try to like everything, but I had to get that off my chest. So far I am not a fan of this novel.

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April 14th, 2014

08:54 am

I am sad this morning. Upon waking, feeling so wonderful in nice clean sheets, I realized that I had not covered my asparagus last night and it was freezing outside. Damn.

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April 10th, 2014

09:30 pm - The World's Smallest Science Fiction Convention
I have heard, vaguely, that others have tried to lay claim to the title of The World’s Smallest Science Fiction Convention. However, they are all liars and con artists… wait.

I mean they do not do the things necessarily to really be a science fiction convention. For starters, do they have an art show? Ha! Karval Kon has an art show. On Friday every guest is required to make one piece of art or else they will have violated the Karval Kon oath of Total Participation. We also have a masquerade (often involving aluminum foil and tape) and guests of honor speeches. And nonsensical traditions that have become highly traditional as in 2014 will be the 37th annual Karval Kon. Like the tradition that pro and fan guests of honor CANNOT attend. And so someone from the convention has to give their guest of honor speech for them. I am going to nominate Catherine Tate as our Pro Guest of Honor this year, I think. Or possibly Russell T. Davies. We may even let them know. (I think we did send Wil Wheaton something when he was our non-attending guest of honor.)

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March 26th, 2014

09:59 pm - Garden Diary
Apple Tree Buds in Spring

I was out gardening and decided I should take a picture of my apple tree's buds so I would know forever more at what stage it was at this day in 2014.

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March 23rd, 2014

07:08 pm - Describing a Spring Day
I have no words to describe how beautiful today was.

That is a lie. I have lots of words; some of which I did not make up five minutes ago. The sun shone with the intense brilliance it achieves on days in Colorado the day after snow falls from a dreary sky the color of forgotten lies. So after playing drug delivery boy for a friend with a cold I spent quite a bit of time outside digging, pruning, and throwing away trash. I should have worn a hat.

It has been the sort of day when buds are breaking upon lilac bushes and apple trees. If, for some reson, you cut into a unwelcome maple tree sucker in the corner of your yard later you will notice watery sap flowing like the leaking of a radioactive storage barrel. I deny that I would have any sort of experience with this, but even ordinary silver maple sap is quite tasty.

Tomorrow the prediction is for cold and staying in, but today was beautiful.

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March 15th, 2014

03:54 pm - DASFA Night
Getting ready to go out to DASFA after a week when I was mostly away from the internet. Cloudy and cool spring day here in Denver ... I do not know what else to say about what is going on. Anyone in range of this post want to show up for the coffee house at 5?

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March 10th, 2014

09:35 pm - Relapse
This afternoon I started becoming rather stuffy again, my appetite faded, and I started feeling somewhat dizzy. If this continues I shall be utterly prostrated by tomorrow and I have a terrible number of things to get done.

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March 9th, 2014

04:30 pm - Sunday and Homebrew
One of the great joys of no longer being sick is the first drink. I have been dry for a week and there is nothing like a week long abstinence from all alcohol to make a bottle of beer a real joy. I generally drink a bottle of beer or homemade mead most days of the week. I do not exceed this because I do not wish to end up a scary guy with a beard living in a box. I know that scenario escalated quickly, but that is how my brain works. I think of having two drinks and my paranoia says, “And then you will end up an alcoholic.” Unless I am with friends.

So I had a cold most of this past week and so I did not allow myself any alcohol as it depresses the immune system. Since I drink all the time my immune system ought to be used to the abuse, but I figure give it every advantage. I hope forgoing all alcohol while sick is rather like walking around with weights all the time and only taking them off for emergencies and thus becoming a superhero. This is probably insane troll logic, but those are the rules that I made up and I enforce them with unwavering faithfulness. Mostly.

So the first drink after a period of lenten self denial is great. Just like the first beer I ever had years ago. Slightly numb lips and full of joy. Also a slight desire to get it on with someone cute. Even though I generally do not like having sex with people. I do like people and socializing, but having sex with them is generally weird because then I have to think about other people's feelings and desires. Though it works out for other people I have found that a solitary life is the right way for me to live because I am slightly more narcissistic than Cordelia Chase.

So this has been a long winded way of me saying, “Back on the alcohol and it makes me happy!”

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February 23rd, 2014

01:23 pm - A Very Old Box
I was excavating the back of the closet and found a copy of Sim Earth. This is old. There are floppy disks inside it. The sticker on says the game is for, "IMB, Tandy & 100% Compatibles 10 MHz or faster required." I took a picture and I am going to throw this out unless someone thinks of something useful to do with it.

Photo under CutCollapse )

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February 22nd, 2014

09:56 am - Mission Creep? An Expanding Mistake? Making a Little Mistake a Much Bigger One?
I need some sort of picture or gif to express the mocking I deserve for getting myself into this situation. And I still do not have a good title for this post.

So, like many self centered men, I engage in an excess of grooming. Including the use of electric hair clippers to trim back the undergrowth. (Delicate enough or still TMI?) All was going well until I decided to neaten the edges by taking off the guide… So then I had an ugly little patch on my thigh so I put another one on the other side for symmetry. And then took off a bit more because it looked wrong… Fifteen minutes later I reached my ankles.

And here is where I took a bad situation and made it worse. The stubble on my legs looked bad so I got out a razor…

Sometime later when the burn-y itchiness started I realized the full extent of my idiocy.

So, women, how do you avoid destroying the world out of annoyance over this? And why has there never been a retaliatory drone strike against a major razor manufacturer? I admire your restraint in not destroying us all.

Also my legs are really pale. My shins are the color of mint ice cream or something. Good thing I do not have a date this week (or ever).

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